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Smart companies understand that translation is a strategic imperative. It requires complex planning and analysis, with significant investment of time and resources to achieve the ultimate goals of lower translation costs, higher quality, and shorter turnaround time. Translation is now a part of the critical path to product delivery. Finding an optimal way to cut costs and time is hardly optional, but rather a key to survival and success in the global marketplace.

Scribe Consulting takes a very entrepreneurial and creative approach to problem-solving, and the localization process. We appreciate the principles of partnership and communication with our clients. These point the way for a truly collaborative and strategic effort in tackling complex language issues. We also see how managing the human aspects of the language process is as critical as handling the technical complexities.

Because your business needs are unique, we work closely with you to better understand your business objectives and apply our knowledge and experience to develop a customized solution appropriate for your needs.

Choosing the Right Linguist

Each translator considered for our network must meet extensive experience and educational requirements. In preparation for each project our operations staff reviews our Qualified Translator Database to identify those translators with client-specific industry experience. Assembling the most appropriate linguistic team for the client's needs ensures that every deliverable maintains the highest linguistic quality and accuracy.

Terminology Management

Glossary development is a critical aspect of the translation process. Before beginning any translation, Scribe Consulting will review the project files as well as previously translated client material for recurring, company-specific terminology. These terms will be incorporated into client glossaries that, once approved by the client, will be used by all members of our translation team. This will ensure that content and terminology remain consistent throughout all of the files which will ensure a quality deliverable.

Translation Memory

Translation Memory uses database technology to automate recurrent translation work. By recycling existing translations, translation memory strengthens the consistency of your message across all your company literature. Translation memory also reduces the cost of translation to the customer as existing translated material can be re-used.

Translation Memory is essentially a database of previous translations in which the source and the target language strings have been broken down into segments. When a subsequent text is compared with the original, the memory identifies the equivalent translated segments and inserts them into the new target text. In addition, "fuzzy matching" allows segments that are similar, but not identical, to the original to be inserted and then edited.

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